There is something to be said for the feeling that a puff of smoke brings into your life; the feeling that everything will be okay. A smoking high may make you feel the whole world is under your foot waiting for you to crush it, while in actual sense the reverse is the truth. A smoke a day keeps health away; and I guess you want to live a long, healthy happy life without worrying about all the cancers that smoking can bring you, or your family. The following easy tips will help you to get back in control of your life and start doing those things that only make you better.

Best Quit Smoking Tips

· Know your Reason

Deciding to quit smoking without a proper reason is akin to starting a company without a business objective; it is pointless. Find a reason why you need to quit smoking and it better be powerful and personal for it to hold any meaning for you. Make sure that your reason to quit is stronger than your urge to smoke.

· Make a Plan

Very few people wake up one morning and say they will never smoke again and stick to that commitment. To ensure that you see the commitment through, make a quitting plan and stick with it. The plan should take into account how much you depended on nicotine and help you to shed that dependency slowly until you are completely free.

· Avoid Crutches

When you decide to quit, you may find yourself seeking another reliance to keep you honest. Ensure that you do not end relying on anything too much that it becomes your new addiction. A crutch is an important part of quitting, but may also be the weak link in your determination to quit. Ensure that you do not put all your determination into a thing/ activity that if removed would lead you right back to relapsing.

· Diet

Nicotine is food, water and oxygen rolled into one for addicts; it is all they need to survive life. However, once you decide to quit, it is important that you start taking care of your body by feeding it well. A proper balanced diet throughout the day will help you to avoid experiencing hunger related anxieties that may trigger the need for a smoke. Drinking acidic juice during the first few days of quitting helps to clear the nicotine from your body; and stabilizing blood sugars.

· Avoid Triggers

Avoid the people that encourage you to smoke, the places that remind you of smoking and situations and things that make you crave a smoke. Spend time with people who encourage you to quit, throw away all the cigarettes and lighters and change your routines to avoid the places that you used to stop for a smoke.

Deciding to quit smoking is an easy decision to make; the real battle is staying true and learning to live your life without smoking. The above tips will help you to hold on when the cravings come back kicking and to stay true for the end goal of living a healthy life where you are in control and not nicotine.